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Bina Patel has been featured and interviewed for her work in conflict resolution and improving workplace culture in various sectors. Dr. Patel’s work focuses on the science behind conflict and human behavior as well as providing key strategies to build trust, retain top talent, and save millions of dollars in lawsuits. Bina has been featured in many online publications such as Medium, Forbes, Observer, and Thrive Global.


Bina Patel

of Transformational Paradigms

Bina Patel, Ph.D. is a conflict resolution and organizational health specialist. She provides conflict management services to reduce workforce turnover, increase morale, and decrease costs in organizational systems. Dr. Patel works in emergency management. She has a consulting practice, Transformational Paradigms, providing leadership executive consulting to C-Suite teams on establishing healthy workplace cultures. She also provides leadership and career coaching to upcoming leaders in an organization and millennials entering the workplace. Dr. Patel is an author, public speaker, and consultant. She has published several case studies related to workplace diversity, multiculturalism, and racism in the workplace, as well as female suicide terrorism. Dr. Patel’s book on Female Suicide Terrorism: Understanding the Radicalization Process focuses on human behavior. She is due to publish her next book very soon!

 Testimonials for Bina

Dr. Bina Patel’s phenomenal insight to transformational leadership has significantly impacted the work I do. She’s one of the leading experts that I often reference when discussing the subject of transformational leadership and often quote for her seminal work on the topic. Dr. Patel is not only an expert, she’s also a change agent in her work to create workplace environments that are inclusive to all and devoid of toxic behaviors that often place leaders at odd with followers. She’s dedicated to sharing her message and facilitating transformational groups to create more functional and less transactional places.”

— Ms. Candice Frost, Colonel U.S. Army

Bina is an expert in using superb communication to resolve conflicts between opposing parties. She utilizes strength, wisdom, and compassion to help both sides make decisions with peace and integrity. Quite frankly, for the last ten years, Bina has been my go-to when I need a consultant for change management, leadership development, multi-perspective projects, and managing cultural differences. In sum, if you are looking to Identify new skills in organizational dialogue, leadership, teamwork, and collaborative processes or improve the ability to mediate workplace and organizational conflict in public and private sector organizations, work teams, and family businesses then look no further than Transformational Paradigms!”

— Dr. Simone Maxwell, Founder Maxwell Consulting


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