Advisory and Consultations

Advisory and Consultations: Consultative Package advising and providing oversight and guidance on how, when, and where to improve your workplace culture (Private Clients Only)

  • As a company leader, you want your company to succeed and would probably prefer to think of your team as happy and honest. So you may not know if company morale is slipping or the lines of communication have broken down. Your subordinates have a vested interest in telling you what you want to hear, but I won’t pull any punches. As an experienced organizational health consultant, I can give you an unfiltered view of what’s happening at every level of your company so you can do something about it.
  • Are you reluctant to rock the boat because your company is already struggling or in the midst of rapid change? If so, this may actually be an ideal time to conduct an organizational health assessment. By facing your fears head-on and tackling your most daunting problems, you can put yourself and your company on firmer footing. And by getting help to more skillfully navigate disruption, you can get ahead of change and face the future with confidence.
  • I won’t assume that your company is the same as my past clients’, nor will I base my recommendations on speculation or opinion. My suggestions will be based on the data I collect during my interviews and on the senior leadership team’s feedback. If I think a solution you propose might not be feasible, I’ll explain why I think that. I’ll also challenge you to open your mind and try new things. Ultimately, though, I will rely on the expertise of you and your team to help me create a plan that aligns with your organization’s goals and desired culture.